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Bermuda King Harvester Options

These options are available on all harvester models (excluding the 4 Foot Elevator Extension). We are happy to custom build any variations on these options.

Sprig Distributor

The Sprig Distributor allows for the cleaner harvesting of sprigs.

4 Foot Elevator Extension

The 4 Foot Elevator Extension is only available for the Road Ready Harvester.

1/2" Special Digging Teeth

We make two kinds of digging teeth: the 1/2" special teeth, designed for golf course type Harvesters and 2" teeth, designed for pasture type Harvesters. Both are hard surfaced.

Riveted Rubber Belted Chain

The Riveted Rubber Belted Chain is our very finest chain. Its life expectancy is several times that of our regular potato chain.

Mentex Chain

The Mentex Chain is generally used with the finer type grasses such as Tifton #419, U-3, etc. with very little stretch or wear.