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Options for the Fairway Planter

We are always happy to custom build any variations on these options.

Our Rollback Planters triple the amount of time spent planting between reloads. Available only for 4 to 6 Row Planters as well as 8' or 10' Fairway Planters.
The Bermuda King No-Till Row Planter is designed to plant sprigs in an existing crop, saving you TIME and MONEY! In addition, No-Till Planters provide minimal disturbance to the soil which aids in moisture retention. Features a 3" x 3" heavy duty tool bar, 17" coulters, and replaceable furrow openers.
Bale Cage
The Bale Cage allows for additional storage of baled sprigs.
The Roller/Packer allows for additional packing and smoothing of the planted area.
4 Foot Sprig Box Extension
The 4 Foot Sprig Box Extension is for additional planting between fill-ups.